Lanka Environment Fund + Silk Road Partners

The Lanka Environment Fund (LEF) founded in 2019 works to conserve Sri Lanka’s flora and fauna through providing grants to existing conservation groups that work on the ‘frontlines’. Acting as a conduit for international and local funding, the LEF has successfully mobilized approximately $60,000 towards conservation initiatives in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the LEF also helped secure a further $415,000 grant towards a transboundary marine conservation project in the Indian Ocean. 

Silk Road Partners has been working closely with LEF since mid-June 2020 to provide them with Company Secretarial services, a critical role in an organization that values transparency and accountability. Services include documentation of Steering Committee meetings, offering advice on financial audits, liaising between relevant local stakeholders on behalf of the LEF, and ensuring all its paperwork is up to date in order to allow the LEF to function as one of the island’s premier conservation funding organizations.