Research and Business Planning

Research & Business Planning

What can Research & Business Planning do for me?

By engaging Silk Road Research & Business Planning, you will gain valuable knowledge and save both time and money. A well researched feasibility study will determine if your dream can become a reality. Once you are convinced, a well structured business plan will save you time and money. After a period of operations, a forensic evaluation will clearly show where your business can improve. At every stage of your business cycle, there is a need to research and plan. In addition to these practical tools, Silk Road Research can deliver high quality, bespoke reports for our clients.

How it works


The Research team provides relevent and current information to our clients. Every month we publish two updates, our Monthly Newsletter and the Financial and Economic Update. If you want to know about key events and trends in Sri Lanka, our dedicated team provides the answers. Further, Our Research team publishes a series of authoritative Sector Reports on the key areas of the local economy. These reports provide an in depth resource for any potential investor.


Business planning and its associated tools are the remit of our Research team. Allow us to help you with Feasibility Studies, Business Plans and Forensic Evaluations. An impartial perspective can be invaluable when weighing up your next investment move.


For those investors who require further expertise, we offer Management Consultancy. Our project team will review and recommend changes to an existing business. This work is conducted in close collaboration with the company shareholders and directors.

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