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What Real Estate services do you offer?

Silk Road Real Estate offers our clients a professional maintenance services for their property. The aim is to have your assets ready, on short notice, should you require it. This allows you to maximize their potential. Regular maintenance saves you money by avoiding big and costly disasters

How it works


Sri Lanka is a tropical country, and all property degrades at a steady pace. By scheduling regular maintenance and servicing, our team works to stay ahead of the problems. Using online reporting software, an annual servicing program and multiple monthly inspections, we can commit that your property is ready to use


Our Team inspect each site a minimum of twice per month and you will receive a monthly Owners Report. Any emergency, we will handle on your behalf as quickly as possible. For those investors with land but no buildings, we provide a monthly inspection service, to confirm your site remains secured and undisturbed.

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Research & Business Planning

If you have a commercial property it's important your visible. Your online presence is vital to your success and Studio can help.

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Financial Services

Running a property in Sri Lanka can be tricky if you're based overseas - our finance department can ensure everything is in order and you're kept up to date in real time.

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Co Sec

Company Secretarial services makes sure everything's in order for you to run your property as a commercial entity.

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Global Services

As a result of our technology focus and foreign expertise, several of our products are available to clients on a global basis.

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