Legal Outsourcing

Legal Outsourcing

Are you a legal practice?

Silk Road is not a legal practice, and nor do we offer legal advice. We are an investment firm that can direct you to well qualified legal professionals, should you require their services. When operating in a foreign jurisdiction, it’s prudent to have connectivity with such professionals, who can guide and advise you as the need arises. For non-legal administration matters, engaging Silk Road means reducing the time spent dealing with bureaucracy. When you are building a business, this means more time spent on strategy and growth.

How it works


If you have legal requirements, please ask us to connect you with an appropriate professional. For commercial matters, such as last Will and Testaments, Powers of Attorney, Shareholders Agreements, you will need independent legal advice. For any unforeseen but serious matters, you will need to connect with reliable, responsible criminal attorneys. In all matters, we can refer you to the right people for the right task


For non legal but essential services, such as document translation, collecting approvals and from government offices and securing your various business permits, our team can assist. The time saved by delegating these tasks is valuable to you as an investor.

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As a result of our technology focus and foreign expertise, several of our products are available to clients on a global basis.

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