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What financial services do you offer?

By engaging Silk Road Financial Services, you will understand your financial status and be able to make well informed decisions. Once a company is established, investors typically turn their attention to their finances. All companies, large and small, should know their financial position at any given time; Silk Road Financial Services will keep you updated on your investment and its subsequent performance. We will assist your company with its annual audit and filing process and arrange the best possible taxation advice.

How it works


Our Financial Services Team provides monthly management reporting , social security registration/payments and other more bespoke offerings. With our team of qualified staff, and the use of online software, our clients can access their data at any time.


We prepare your draft Annual Financial Statements, which we then pass to an independent third party Auditor for review. Upon satisfactory approval, we will file your annual tax returns with Inland Revenue Department by the prescribed deadline.


Through our network of professional contacts, we can arrange high quality Tax Advisory services. With the complexity of the Sri Lankan tax system, and its interaction with other global regimes, tax advisory is a key service for the sophisticated international investor.

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Global Services

As a result of our technology focus and foreign expertise, several of our products are available to clients on a global basis.

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