Company Secretarial


Why Do I need CoSec?

By engaging Silk Road Company Secretaries, you can be assured that your company is correctly structured and compliant with all local laws. A professional Company Secretary is essential to the wellbeing of your enterprise. From managing the incorporation process and by ensuring ongoing compliance with Sri Lankan corporate law, an efficient Company Secretary provides a secure base for your company to operate.

How it works


After initially checking your chosen name, incorporation requires liaising with the Registrar of Companies and delivering a company that satisfies the laws of Sri Lanka, whilst allowing you to operate your business effectively. We will also establish your corporate bank account so you are ready to proceed with your investment plans.


Your Company Secretary will then maintain your company records, whilst assisting in the transferring of investment funds, share transfers and arranging Board Resolutions. Your company AGM and Annual Filings are also the responsibility of your Company Secretary.


Silk Road offers ongoing advice to our clients who engage us as Company Secretaries. We can advise you as you restructure your business and position yourself for growth.

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