Ceylon Productions + Silk Road Partners

Ceylon Productions, founded in 2011, is a timeless boutique in the streets of Galle that offers authentic travel poster art and fine prints to transport you into a different era with their vintage aesthetic element.

As a client of our Essential Accountancy service, we assisted in their financial onboarding process by integrating their real-time sales data with Xero, the online accounting system used by Silk Road. Our team integrated Hike – the point of sales system currently used by Ceylon Productions – with Xero, to ensure real-time sales, customer, and inventory data is recorded on both systems.

This integration has allowed both Ceylon Productions and Silk Road Financial Services to go paperless in the accounting process.

Ceylon Productions is also engaged with Silk Road’s Company Secretarial function for governance and corporate administration.

What Media + Silk Road Partners

What Media (Private) Limited Sri Lanka acts as the hub connecting the marketing and publishing agencies What Media (Pty) Limited in Australia and What Media Limited in the UK. With a 19-year track record in the industry, their client base includes popular brands such as British Balls Magazine, The Australia Working Holiday Magazine, among many others. 

From Silk Road’s inception, What Media has been a core client, using Silk Road’s Company Secretarial and Financial Services. The Financial Services team provides What Media with bookkeeping services, ad hoc financial statements, budgeting and drafting of audit accounts. 

With What Media operating a virtual, international model, with operations in Sri Lanka, the UK and Australia, the Financial Services team has been instrumental in helping to streamline the accounting functions across international borders to deliver a clear and current picture of the company’s financial accounts. 

As the relationship between our companies continues to deepen, Silk Road’s Client Relationship team has scheduled a regular fortnightly meeting with the What Media team for a review and update of all financially related matters.

All good strategic decisions are made on the basis of sound financial knowledge, and over many years, Silk Road Partners has provided the information that has allowed What Media to develop their business in line with their founders’ vision.