Silk Road Partners Launches Sri Lanka’s First 4 Day Work Week

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We are proud to announce that Silk Road Partners is Sri Lanka’s First Company to Launch a 4-Day Work Week Program

How would we continue to deliver great service to our clients whilst giving our staff a well deserved break, every week? Our staff will be working on a roster basis, with their days off either on a Monday or a Friday, ensuring that there will be no disruption in the workflow within any department of the company. 

We have been investing heavily into our team’s culture, communication and collaboration skills, and facilitating them with the necessary automations to ease our transition. An emphasis was placed on prioritization, self-reflection, autonomy, and synchronization across the firm. 

With technology adoption streamlining efficiency, we expect employee productivity to increase substantially, over the next couple of months. This should also translate to a reduction in the number of hours spent working overall. 

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